Consultancy Services

Leisure sector, visitor attractions and destinations

Imaginative, practical and sustainable solutions to attracting visitors with projects ranging from strategic planning to design management through to customer services.

Strategic business strategy and planning


Market research and consultation

Sound business decision-making requires reliable information. Attract utilises a wide spectrum of market research methods and techniques:


Performance reviews including evaluation of specific or overall business operational areas:


We have experience of most fundraising techniques. Attract can source project funding and provide advice and support in fundraising strategy and bid writing for public and private sector tourism initiatives.

Interpretation and Education Planning

Concept and story line development:

Audience development and visitor strategy


Attract develops strategies covering:

Collaboration and partnering

Attract works with building designers, developers, planners, banks and other financial organisations. We co-ordinate and project manage initiatives to bring them to a successful conclusion.

Whether you are at the exploratory stage of your project or looking for suppliers to add to your tender list give us a call.

Attract Marketing has a team of experts who would be happy to discuss your needs and provide and independent perspective on your activity programme.

Marketing segmentation for tourism developers, destinations, resorts, local authorities
Knight in Armour at Museum.  Attract specialises in marketing planning for military museums
Attract have run tourism development seminars in the Baltics states including Estonia
Clipper Ship at Maritime Museum
Attract has supported attractions such as Art Galleries to improve footfall and increase revenues
Segmentation and marketing are key aspects of how Attract consultants have transformed visitor attractions
Attract has supported the development of military museums and attractions
Our clients include local attractions such as Framlingham Windmill
Providing visitor refreshments such as famous English Cream Teas is a way of enhancing the attractiveness of local tourism sites
The rich heritage of the United Kingdom provides many opportunities for Battlefield Tourism
Simple improvements to tourism infrastructure can delight local and regional tourists such as Essex Wildlife Signage